VersaPay Create a Payment

VersaPay - Create a Payment

Create and update external payment records in ARC.

The set of attributes to send in the request body may vary based on the account configuration. Please contact the implementation specialist for more information.

The request schema for posting a payment for a single invoice is slightly different than that for posting a payment for multiple invoices. For instance, sample request for posting payment for a single invoice looks like: ``` { "identifier": "PMT0010-05", "invoice_number": "INV1234-01", "amount": 10000, "currency": "usd", "date": "2018-01-10", "customer_identifier": "C1234", "customer_name": "Acme Inc.", "notes": "Notes", "ref1": "1234", "ref2": "PO# 84767" } ``` *Note: Customer will be created using the customer_* attributes if it doesn???t already exist at the time of payment import.*

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VersaPay handles elements of both credit and debit card merchant payment processing in Canada. In offering a host of merchant account services and credit card POS terminals it allows for an efficient merchant payment service in all aspects- in person, on the go, online, and at the office. Founded in 2005 by Michael Gokturk, VersaPay is a Canadian owned and operated national financial transaction services provider partnered with Chase Paymentech. Versapay also offers electronic funds transfer through a system called Versapay EMT.

Curl command through

curl -v "{streamdata_token}"

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